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Specializing in scalable customer acquisition strategies and solutions.


Here are just a few of the services we provide our clients.

Wow! It's already been over 7 years working with Novatex Solutions. We've worked on so many projects with Novatex and each one is done professionally and delivers results. Dr. Kaixuan Liu, Atlantic Spine Center


Just a few of the projects we've worked on recently.

Ask a Back Doctor - Mobile first responsive ask a question tool
Collective Care - Mobile Responseive Symptom Checker Tool
Collective Care - A Better Healthcare Experience
Accountable Ads - The marketing platform that ends in leads
Temed - Symptom Checker
Temed - Pricing Calculator
Temed - Landing Page
Temed - Providers
Temed - Trifold Brochure
Outpatient USA
Outpatient USA - Symptom Checker
Atlantic Spine Center
Atlantic Spine Center New York
Rig Planet

About Our Founders

Novatex Solutions has been specializing in scalable customer aquisiton strategies for over a decade.

Jeffrey Mason

Jeff Mason

Jeffrey is the President/CEO of Novatex Solutions. Mr. Mason is the leader of our team with over 20 years of experience in the sales and marketing. Jeffrey founded Novatex Solutions over 12 years ago.

Jennifer Mason

Jen Mason

Jennifer is Novatex Solutions Content Director. Ms. Mason directs and oversees all financial, marketing and content creation for Novatex Solutions and specializing in the Medical field with from her many years of experience as a registered nurse.

Casey Flynn

Casey Flynn

Casey is the CTO/Development for Novatex Solutions. Mr. Flynn is responsible for all information technology and development for Novatex Solutions Websites, Marketing and Sales Teams and draws on experience from over 2 decades in the IT sector.


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